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Next Generation Nurse Call System

With over 30 years in the nurse call business, we are proud to announce the new standard in Nurse Call systems – CareCall4

The first call system with fully automated dual self-testing

1. New Touch Test

At specified intervals (multiple times per day) CareCall4 performs a fully automated survey of every single call point in your facility and reports back on the “push-ready” status of each one.

It does this by simulating a finger pushing each hardwired call button and tests not only the technology behind the button but also the button itself. You have the reassurance that all call points are ready and active.

This eliminates the need for staff to schedule physical button checks or have costly third parties coming in and disrupting your workflow with quarterly system checks.

2. Connection Test

Fully automated “ping” testing scheduled to test that your connections are working across all call points.

CareCall4 Edge

With its slickly designed interface at the nurse station, your staff will have all the information they need to rapidly respond to calls.

Staff can see at a glance where every tracked resident or staff member is located at any given time. In the event of an emergency, alerts are sent to assigned staff to provide immediate assistance.

While daily activities are taking place, CareCall4 collects activity data providing you with invaluable information for planning. This also helps you understand where the pressure points are that need to be addressed.

Dashboards and reporting systems can be set up according to your work processes. Reports can be emailed, alerts delivered to smartphones – whatever your needs are, the software can be configured to support your requirements.

Your annual support plan means all software updates are made on time and 24/7 telephone support is always available. Most situations can be managed remotely meaning significantly less downtime waiting for an onsite technician to arrive.

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

An effective RTLS doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Because of the technology we’ve built into our call points, we can cost-effectively transform your site to include this vital function.

While being able to track patients is important, the real value is added with having the ability to optimise workflow and streamline staff allocation. You will know who is where in case of emergencies, and for day-to-day routines there will be no need for Nurse Present buttons. The RTLS automatically indicates when a carer or nurse is in the room.

Contemporary design aesthetic

Call points and other hardware have all been redesigned to confidently present the latest technology to residents and carers. The boldness of design means there is less chance for user confusion in times of distress.

Behind the faceplate lives all the intelligent technology that you need, and if you’re starting with the simpler CareCall3 system you can upgrade to CareCall4 (with RTLS and dual self-testing) with some simple hardware and cabling replacement work.

Wireless flexibility

If you are needing to add a nurse call system to an existing or very large site and want to reduce the cost of your retrofit, CareCall has an extremely reliable self checking wireless Emergency Call System.

The wireless Nurse Call system provides the solution when cable access is difficult.

The wireless solution uses a New Zealand and Australian registered frequency that is reserved for the health industry.

For large sites, we simply add repeater units which extends the range and requires no underground cabling.

Our wireless solution integrates seamlessly with CareCall4/CareCall3 Edge and enables your staff to view all call points at all times.


You can also locate your valuable assets with a simple tag. As these are less likely to move about, location signals are sent out less frequently to extend battery life.

Infra-red and wireless positioning – tracking is “always on”

When the ID Tags are worn uncovered by clothing, CareCall’s infra-red sensors will accurately identify location to room-level accuracy. If the ID tag is covered, the wireless positioning function kicks in.


Worn on the outside of clothing, the staff ID badge feature Assist and Emergency buttons for rapid alerts. Walking into a resident’s room will automatically trigger the “Nurse Presence” function so the light outside the door will switch on.

The badge is fully rechargeable with excellent battery life (determined by the frequency and duration of usage).



Available as either a pendant or a watch this is both unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. Residents will be able to send out a call to staff, as well as allow you to immediately identify their location at all times.

Robustly built to withstand the knocks, these devices are also waterproof in case of an inadvertent dunking.*

Battery life is an impressive 6 months** with round-the-clock  tracking.

* Not recommended for use in a shower or swimming pool.

** Dependent on user frequency.

CareCall4 features:

  • New Hybird IP solution 
  • Dual self testing call points
  • Real time location system (RTLS)
  • Automatic nurse presence
  • Call upgrade with nurse presence
  • Call points remain active if network fails
  • Calls are announced even if network fails
  • Bespoke call point faceplate options
  • Preventive maintenance network diagnostic tool for early detection of network issues
  • Anti-bacterial faceplate
  • Android and Apple smart phone app
  • Interface to almost any nurse call or fire system
  • Smart and automated reports
  • Enterprise reporting options
  • Proudly manufactured in New Zealand and Australia
  • 24/7 real-time system monitoring
  • Cost-effective and efficient installation
  • POE SIP intercom

An industry standard for over 30 years, proudly made in New Zealand and Australia.

Miracle Electronics has been producing and supporting CareCall installations in New Zealand and Australia since early 1990. With over 1,000 systems up and running, our commitment to product innovation has continued to meet the ever-increasing needs of hospitals and the retirement market.

We now have an established network of CareCall support and distribution throughout Australia and are providing excellence in support and innovation to hospitals and retirement villages throughout Australasia.